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November 23, 2020


Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories document our journeys and who we are in this world. However, we often underestimate the impact of our stories and how our

November 10, 2020

Rose Sampson

I have known Sybil Knight-Burney since 2007 when I served as a principal in the Harrisburg School District. I later worked with Dr. Knight-Burney in a consultancy role as the

November 10, 2020

Barbara Hasan

I am honored to submit this recommendation to your organization on behalf of Dr. Sybil Knight-Burney. I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Knight for over fifteen years. Please

November 10, 2020

Joy Eichelberger, ED.D

It is a pleasure to pen this reference letter on behalf of Dr. Sybil Knight-Burney, an educational leader, community activist, care giver and overall woman of integrity. I have had

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November 3, 2020

In Pursuit of Educational Equity & Excellence

“I’m completely overwhelmed!”; “I’m so stressed out!”; “I’m burned out!”, and “I just can’t sleep at night.”  These are just some of the emotions that have been expressed in many