I have known Sybil Knight-Burney since 2007 when I served as a principal in the Harrisburg School District. I later worked with Dr. Knight-Burney in a consultancy role as the District’s Professional Learning Coordinator.

Dr. Knight-Burney exhibited an extraordinary connection to the students and families of the Harrisburg School District. She knew her students and families by name and made herself available to them in a way that exceeded other superintendents with whom I have worked.

Under Dr. Knight-Burney’s leadership, countless programs and initiatives were made available to students and families due to her vast knowledge of – and connections to – community resources. In addition, Dr. Knight-Burney developed a tiered program designed to train teachers and staff as emerging leaders. Many of the participants in this program now serve in leadership roles.

Dr. Knight-Burney’s pedagogical knowledge is second to none. She is intricately aware of current evidence-based educational practices, especially as it relates to serving students and families in urban centers.

I would be more than willing to expand on Dr. Sybil Knight-Burney’s qualifications in terms of your needs. She would be an asset to any organization given her knowledge, experience and expertise.

Thank you.

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